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Professional Steamed Bun Maker

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Create the finest steamed buns with this professional steamed bun maker!

It is designed in a flowerlike press with an astounding crimped edge that tightly seals any dumplings. Making perfectly shaped dough circles that doesn’t leak any fillings when it is steamed! Simply stuffed the meat to your dough, put it into the mold, pull the bottom to close and push it up to open again! The filled bun can be easily taken out as it won’t stick into the mold! You can now have your own delicious steamed buns anytime without the need to visit a restaurant and wait for a long queue!

The bun maker mold is so light and is palm sized! It can be held and used comfortably for an extended time. Allowing you to make lots of filled buns in a breeze to fill all your friends and families appetite! Ideal for kids, beginners, professional and steamed bun lovers! The mold is made of food-grade material with extreme durabilityperfect for everyday bun making.

Bite into a perfectly shaped bun anytime using this steamed bun maker! 


  • Perfect Bun Making Mold
    This unique flowerlike press creates perfectly shaped dough circles every time! Allowing you to make your own steamed bun at home like a pro while making it more enjoyable. Simply stuffed the meat fillings into the dough, put it in the mold and pull down the bottom leaf to close. Once done, push it back up to open, take out the bun and you're now ready to steamed it! No more constant dough reshaping, create as many delicious filled buns as you want in a breeze!
  • Good Sealing
    The bun maker has an astounding crimped edge design that effectively seals each of your dumplings correctly. It makes sure that the dough is sealed tightly to not leak when steaming. Preventing any wasted fillings and failed buns!
  • Comfortable to Use
    This professional bun maker is lightweight and palm sized so you can easily hold and lift it to create perfect filled buns. Ideal for kids, beginners, professional and steamed bun lovers! It can stand comfortably on any flat surface so you can simply store it anywhere without taking too much space.  
  • Easy to Clean
    It can be cleaned as easily as it is used! No bacteria can adhere to the mold and it can remain odorless. Just rinse it thoroughly with water to remove some food residues or simply put it inside the dishwasher! 
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic that is 100% safe to come into direct contact with any food. It is durable and sturdy to last years of constant bun making! A convenient and time-saving tool for making the fluffiest, perfect shaped steamed buns!


  • Material: Food-grade Plastic
  • Color: White / Yellow / Green (Random)
  • Size: 7.7cm x 8cm


  • 1 x Professional Steamed Bun Maker