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Adjustable Plant Supports Cages

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Continuous support that prevents plant from falling over and sprawling out, keeping them firm and upright.

Adjustable steel clasp, stakes and hoops that adapts to plant's growth principle. All throughout support structure, helping your plant's health and well-being.

Non-brittle and non-fading to extreme sunlight, protect plants against heavy rain and strong wind. Best gardening tool to keep your plants all-day protected.

Grow variety of plants like climbing vegetable plants such as tomato, bean and cucumber; leafy indoor plants such as spider, snake, and palm; flower garden plants such as lily, rose, and tulip. Efficient and convenient to grow your plants healthy.

First, assemble by clipping and connecting the parts. Second, push the stakes into the soil. Last, rotate and adjust position according to the plant's needs.

Durable and sturdy, made of plastic coated steel. Built with 9 steel clasp attached, 3 stakes 3 hoops designed for full-support and long time use.

Small 45cm height
Large 60cm height

Material: Plastic
Dimension: Small 45cm height/Large 60cm height
Color: Green

1x Adjustable Plant Supports Cages